Summary: After one of the world’s most famous newspapers points the finger at Symantec for failing to protect its network against a four-month long Chinese cyber-attack, the security firm returns fire.

After The New York Times slyly pointed the finger at Symantec for failing to protect it from a four-month long series of attacks by Chinese hackers, the anti-malware and security firm has fired back with its own critical rhetoric.

Arguably one of the world’s most well-regarded and well-known newspapers, The Times exclusively reported yesterday that its own networks have been “persistently attacked” by Chinese hackers, and that they infiltrated computer systems and acquired passwords for its reporters and other employees.

The newspaper, with help from security experts, were have “expelled the hackers,” and “kept them from breaking back in.”

The Times believes that the timing of the attacks coincided with an investigation it carried out in late October that found the Chinese prime minister had accumulated “several billion dollars through business dealings.”

Clearly the Chinese government—specifically the “Chinese military,” according to AT&T, which informed the newspaper of the attacks—did not approve of such fine investigative journalism.

But in the report, The Times also took the opportunity to prod Symantec with a sharp journalism…

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